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When I was 16 years old I never had more then 20$ in my bank account.
I always had big dreams in my life but I was honestly never interested in working for them until one day in school it was announced that we had 3 months to apply for an internship.
My grades in school were not that great at the time, probably because I was too lazy and procrastinated a lot.
I started applying for an internship way too late. My options were very limited at that point. However with much luck and a little bit of help from my father I got an internship at a local software company.
I first I was happy about it but at the second day of the job I already hated it. I sat in front of a computer 8 hours every day for 2 weeks writing and correcting programs for industrial machinery.

At this point I knew, if I wouldn’t start working on my dreams, I would be stuck at a job like this for the rest of my life.

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I created the Instagram Millions Guide for each and everyone. You can use it to grow your personal- , your business- or any theme page you like. It is understandable for beginners but also delivers valuable information for everyone that already has some experience with Instagram.

You will learn every growing strategy I used to grow multiple pages to over 100k followers on Instagram and you will also learn how you can monetize your page to make thousands of dollars.

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Instagram Monetization CheckList